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Marketing Potential of Snapchat

How to monetize snapchat 
Snapchat is all over in this news for refusing a 3 billion USD offer from rival social networking Facebook. Ever since then there are numerous public spat between the Facebook management and Snapchat management.

So what is it that is driving Facebook to get Snapchat?

Snapchat is cool - It's one of the most widely perceived cool app in the world. It really is growing at neck breaking pace and reached 50 million active users before some of the other startup social media marketing applications. The application is most loved through the teenagers who unlike the last generation realize that anything you leave on the web it remains there forever.

It really is totally engrossing -- If you use it then you might be completely within it. Unlike the other social networking network it's taken the generation's question "Have I missed something important" one stage further. It is completely engrossing, seriously personal also to a great extent really private. This intimacy is the component that is driving its growth because teenagers like the previous generations capable of maintaining their friend circle closed rather than an open one such as Facebook and Google+.

Marketers' Dream

Snapchat can be a marketer's dream in the modern day media environment where every one of us is bombarded exceeding 100 advertisements a day across all platforms. Snapchat offers a tool which is seriously private. What it provides is 100% user attention and participation. An individual must keep the thumb on screen to maintain the content rolling.

Although Snapchat has resisted advertising up to now it may be safely assumed that once it reaches a certain scale, it will be more receptive with it. That will supply a new metric towards the advertisers - Active user engagement level.
How to monetize snapchat 
Just how long an individual watched the advertisement or how long they contemplated concerning the deal along with what action he /she took concerning the message. It will open new frontiers for the internet advertising as advertisers weren't only able to learn what will be the reach with the message, about how many screens it got displayed, what people were looking for but additionally how time they spent on advertisement and just what action they took. What type of advertisement takes just how much response some time and what you can do to better the content. 

Post by howtomonetizesnapchat (2016-09-05 13:44)

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